Welcome to SIGIST Sweden!

Welcome to SIGIST Sweden. Our goal is to empower testers and QA in their profession in Sweden.
We are an affiliate of SIGIST Global (sigist.org).

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Test Excellence award 2022

SIGIST Sweden are happy to announce this years winner of the Test Excellence Award 2022 goes to Indranil Sinha!

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10:th of May 2023

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A course, a mind-set, and a skill set about how to do excellent software testing in a way that is very fast, inexpensive, credible, and accountable.

Rapid Software Testing Course

with Michael Bolton

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Rapid Software Testing Course with Michael Bolton November 2022

SIGIST-conference12th of April 2019

Past Events:

SIGIST-conference 3:rd of November 2022

Agile Quality days 24-25th of May2018

Agile Quality days 27-28th of May2020